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VEC-Simracing Presentation

VEC-Simracing is an entirely French-speaking simracing team composed of French, Belgian and Swiss drivers. We are a community of about 20 members sharing the same passion for motorsport in general and endurance racing in particular. Simracing is for us a way to experience the thrill of the competition but also the comradeship by sharing the same car for hours, helping each other to get better. We are fully dedicated to iRacing since 2015 making us one of the oldest french teams on the service.  But here’s how it all began…

Our (outdated) video on the theme of “Friends” introducing the team

The VEC-Simracing adventure began in 2013 (it was called LMP-GT Endurance by the time) on Gran Turismo on PS4. As the team grew with each event, it decided to organize endurance championships, called “Virtual Endurance Championship” (VEC was born…). People befriended each other, and the team just kept growing.

Then the team decided to take a new route by changing of platform, hence the arrival of new drivers. On iRacing, VEC-Simracing kept on to organize championships such as the very popular GT Challenge and the American/European Audi R8 LMS Cup with more than 40 drivers registered.


Since then, many drivers of our team have been crowned champions in iRacing official series (GT1, Star Mazda), special event (Indy 500), private league (Apex Online Racing GTE). But the VEC-Simracing is above all a passion between friends which also paid of on team championships such as the Blancpain Series, the VLN, the iRacing Endurance Le Mans Series and special events such as the 24H of the Nürburgring or the 24H of Daytona!