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IVRA Endurance Series, round 1/7 – 12H of Spa

Let's go! After experiencing the seriousness of the organizers by participating in two seasons of ClubSport Series, we challenged ourselves to try and qualify two GTEs in the Endurance Series. A challenge in many ways. Indeed, with its strict rules, Safety Car and driver classification, this championship attracts more

24H of Le Mans 2020: Double podium!

If many of our drivers are iRacing enthusiasts, it goes without saying that we were all waiting for this edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans after the indisputable success of the "virtual 24 Hours of Le Mans" on rFactor 2 the week before. It is an understatement

2020s2 Review: Fast(e) season

Official iRacing series general ranking, split of "special event", league category ranking, here are fifteen consecutive seasons that the VEC-Simracing brings back at least one podium. And this season 2 of the year 2020 is undoubtedly one of the most provided, if not the most provided to date. On ground, asphalt

iRacing.com Indy 500 2020: Double Crown for VEC

A year ago, we were wondering here if the "special" nature of the event represented by the 500 miles of Indianapolis was justified on iRacing. With the possibility of taking up to eight starts from now on, since the addition of a "fixed setup" version, one can always regret



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